Procedure for port entry

There are two stages for port entry.

Calling Cépet semaphore station

Vessels call Cépet semaphore station on VHF channels 12 or 16 one hour before arrival to the pilot buoy. The semaphore station acts as VTS and transmits the information to the Harbour Master for authorisation. The vessel does not call « Toulon-Port » or « Toulon-Pilot » at this stage of the procedure.

Pilot presence

Pilotage is compulsory for vessels with LOA over 45 m and the vessel must call « Toulon-Pilot » when 5 miles from the pilot buoy to indicate the position of the pilot ladder and boarding speed. The use of mooringmen is not compulsory. If they are not used mooring operatons may only be carried out by the vessel’s crew.

Commercial port regulations state that vessels must be able to shift at any time with one hour’s notice and have sufficient crew on board for manœuvres. Technical work on board must be authorised by the Harbour Master.

Toulon – La Seyne / Brégaillon Harbour Master’s office
Tél. : + 33 4 94 03 27 60
Mob. : +33 6 09 37 04 01 
Mail : 

Customs formalities are the responsibility of the vessel : please contact the customs office, a ship agent, or a forwarding agent in case of need. For garbage removal vessels must call an approved company ; the list of companies can be obtained from the Harbour Master or the Bureau Central du Port.

If the vessel is in a restricted access area (Zone d’Accès Restreint – ZAR), ID controls are necessary for access. Visitors must make a request to the Harbour Master’s office.

Berthing dues for non-commercial vessels, security dues, and services (water, electricity) are invoiced by the Bureau Central who can provide tariffs and payment details. Please contact the Bureau Central for a swift reply.

In case of accident

  • Please inform :
    Harbour Master’s Office VHF channel 12 « Toulon Port Control »
    Mobile phone 24h/day : +33 6 09 37 04 01
    Office phone : +33 4 94 03 27 60
    Fire department : 112 or 18
    Police : 112 or 17
    Ambulance : 112 or 15
  • State your identity
  • Report the incident and the number of casualities if any
  • Follow harbour master’s instructions
  • Take safety and fire fighting measures